Associate Professor Renée Turner, PhD image

Associate Professor Renée Turner, PhD

Senior Lecturer, The University of Adelaide, NRF Director of Neurosurgical Research

Current positions:

  • NRF Director of Neurosurgical Research
  • Associate Professor and Deputy Head of Discipline, University of Adelaide
  • Head, Translational Neuropathology Laboratory


  • 2015 South Australian Young Tall Poppy Science Award (Australian Institute of Policy and Science)
  • 2014 Australian Society for Medical Research (ASMR) Leading Light Award - Runner up
  • 2008 NHMRC CJ Martin Overseas Biomedical Post-Doctoral Fellowship
  • 2006 Fresh Science, Finalist - Australia's Best Young Scientists
  • 2004 NHMRC Dora Lush Post-Graduate Fellowship

Research area:

Turner pursued a B.Sc. Honours Degree in 2002 with a focus traumatic brain injury, working with Corinna Van Den Heuvel and Robert Vink. This took a slight turn in 2004 when beginning her PhD, with her research now being focused on ischaemic stroke under the supervision of Robert Vink and Peter Blumbergs. It must be noted that while Turner studied in the laboratory at the time Robert Vink was the Chair of Neurosurgery, she was not an official Chair student and was not supported by the NRF.

Why neurosurgical research?

Turner explains: "As a student starting University I never imagined that I would be a neuroscientist developing treatments for neurological conditions such as stroke and traumatic brain injury. After my Science degree I pursued Honours and this was when I was introduced to research in my studies on traumatic brain injury. That was it, I was hooked. I made the decision then and there that neurosurgical research was what I wanted o pursue as a career. I feel very lucky that I am able to spend my working days asking research questions, trying to find out more information about how certain neurological conditions develop and progress, and most importantly, seek to develop new treatments to improve outcomes and survival. Now, I can’t imagine doing anything else as a career."


For a full list of Associate Professor Turner's publications, please visit her Google Scholar page.

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