Associate Professor Corinna Van Den Heuvel, B. Health Science (Hons), PhD image

Associate Professor Corinna Van Den Heuvel, B. Health Science (Hons), PhD

Coordinator, Bachelor of Health Sciences, University of Adelaide, NRF Chair of Neurosurgical Research 1999 Student

Current positions:

  • Program Coordinator, Bachelor of Health Sciences (BHlthSc) and the Bachelor of Health and Medical Sciences (BHlthMedSc), University of Adelaide
  • Course coordinator, Essentials of Pathology III and Neurological Diseases, University of Adelaide
  • Coordinator for Pathology major within the BHlthSc program, University of Adelaide


  • Benjamin Poulton Medical Research Scholarship for a PhD in Neurotrauma
  • Recipient of two Young Investigator awards during her PhD
  • Received over 1.6 million in Research funding
  • Member of the Adelaide Education Academy

Why neurosurgical research?

Van Den Heuvel discusses her interest in neurosurgical research: "I found the study of human biology very interesting during the first couple of years of my health science degree and by third year I realised that neuroanatomy was one of my better subjects. Also, during my tertiary studies I had a couple of friends who were killed in road traffic accidents and I think that this inspired me to want to study traumatic brain injury which combined both of my interests of pathology and neuroanatomy."

Research area:

Van Den Heuvel completed her PhD on the response of amyloid precursor protein following traumatic brain injury. She has also investigated the relationship between Alzheimer’s disease and traumatic brain injury, specialised molecular pathological techniques to study the early response of certain genes and proteins to traumatic brain and spinal cord injury, and the study the neuroprotective properties of cyclosporin-A, MgSO4 and APP.

For a full list of Associate Professor Van Den Heuvel's publications, please visit her Google Scholar page.

Corrigan Fm Pham CCL, Vink R, Blumbergs PC, Masters CL, Van Den Heuvel C, Cappai R (2011). The neuroprotective domains of the amyloid precursor protein, in traumatic brain injury, are located in the two growth factor domains. Brain research 1378, 137-143

Cook NL, Kleinig TJ, Van Den Heuvel C, Vink R (2010). Reference genes for normalising gene expression data in collagenase-induced rat intracerebral haemorrhage. BMC molecular biology 11 (1), 7.

Vink R, Van Den Heuvel C (2010). Substance P antagonists as a therapeutic approach to improving outcome following traumatic brain injury. Neurotherapeutics 7 (1), 74-80.

Vink R, Cook NL, Van Den Heuvel C (2009). Magnesium in acute and chronic brain injury: an update. Magnesium Research 22 (3), 158-162.

Cook NL, Van Den Heuvel C, Vink R (2009). Are the transient receptor potential melastatin (TRPM) channels important in magnesium homeostasis following traumatic brain injury? Magnesium research 22 (4), 225-234.

Cook NL, Vink R, Van Den Heuvel C (2009). Validation of reference genes for normalization of real‐time quantitative RT‐PCR data in traumatic brain injury. Journal of neuroscience research 87 (1), 34-41

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