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Steven is an aneurysm and brain tumour survivor

Steven suffered with headaches for four days. They increased to the point where he could no longer work. One Thursday morning his wife was unable to wake him so his family called an ambulance. The ambulance attendees could not wake him; however his body was responding to all outside stimulation.

Steven was taken to hospital, where they were baffled by his symptoms. They finally performed a CT scan and which showed he had a very large brain aneurysm. No one could believe he was alive. The RAH medivac team was called urgently to stabilise him and transfer him to the RAH.

At the RAH, they confirmed that he had a 'giant' aneurysm which measured 4.8cm in diameter. Around the aneurysm was a further 5cm of swelling. To everyone’s amazement it had not ruptured but was partly calcified and filled with blood clot. The pressure from the aneurysm combined with the associated swelling had caused the brain to sleep.

On 23rd February, Steven and Bev’s 11th wedding anniversary, Steven underwent a mammoth surgery to save his life. A vein was harvested from his leg and used to bypass the giant aneurysm and allowing safe clipping of his aneurysm.

Steve and his family are grateful to Dr Amal Abou-Hamden and her neurosurgical team for their skill and attention to care in his lifesaving treatment. They are also extremely grateful to the ICU team at the RAH who were always attentive and caring in his recovery.

Interestingly even before this incident his 11-year-old daughter aspired to be a neurosurgeon. She is now even more motivated.

Just after 6 weeks since the headaches began Steven returned to full time work.

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