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Nat is currently living with a brain tumour and fundraises for the NRF.

Nat Thompson discusses her personal journey, living with a brain tumour and fundraising for research

“Nearly 6 years ago I was diagnosed with a brain tumour on the left hand side of my brain. It was an extremely scary and surreal experience. I had been suffering with terrible migraines and was having trouble with my motor skills. I was taken to the hospital where they discovered the tumour and one week later it was removed by the amazing staff at the Royal Adelaide Hospital. I was extremely fortunate with the location of the tumour and that it was found when it was. After the surgery came a lot of trying days, sadness and struggles.

Due to this experience, I know that I am beyond lucky to be here and to have had the support and care of my family and beautiful friends, especially my husband. Since then I married my husband, Adam and we have had two beautiful and amazing boys, Fynn and Archer.

Unfortunately, last year we found out that my tumour has returned. Fortunately for me, it has been detected quite small and in the same location. I am currently living from 3 monthly MRI’s to the next. My life is truly wonderful and happy, regardless of the tumours. I certainly won’t let that define me and I’m sure that as a family we will get through this when the time will come and continue to live a joyful and healthy life.”

Nat and family have been part of NRF Team Neuro for the last two years in the City to Bay fundraising over $3,000 for research. Nat encourages everyone to join them, take part and fundraise. If Nat can, so can you!

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