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Chris Adams

Chris was diagnosed with grade three anaplastic astrocytoma; a type of brain tumour.

Chris is pictured with his neurosurgeon Dr Amal Abou-Hamden.

Chris Adams “Critter” was 26 and in the prime of his life. He played footy; he visited the gym four times a week, had graduated from University, secured a full time job and had many plans for his future. He was an enormously gregarious young man with a kind heart and a huge sense of loyalty.

In December of 2014 Critter saw his GP after about a month of headaches and occasional nausea. He was sent for scans. What they found indicated a grade three anaplastic astrocytoma; a brain tumour. From the day of his diagnosis Critter was positive and remained confident that he would beat the odds for survivors of malignant brain tumours. His slogan was Strong Enough to Live.

Following surgery in mid-January, 2015, Critter underwent radiotherapy and chemotherapy. He and his family were advised that he may only have three to five years, BUT he always believed that he would live a long and meaningful life. He managed to go back to work part-time. Critter maintained his very active social life! He continued to make plans for his future and every day looked forward to a living his life fully and passionately.

Sadly, Critter’s health deteriorated and he was hospitalised with seizures a few times. In October he began to be experience severe headaches. Scans showed radiation necrosis and potentially another tumour. On Thursday 19 November, following a biopsy two days earlier, Critter died in hospital of a heart attack. It was less than eleven months since initial diagnosis.

He was passionate and driven and wanted his story/journey to inspire and help others. He left far too early. His work had just begun. Now it’s our task to ensure that his legacy is followed through. He would want us to continue to be positive and support in any way we can, the research into this dreadful disease. Critter and his family encourage everyone to give to brain cancer research. He is missed greatly, daily. He was and remains a magnificent young man.

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