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Mr James Litt

NRF Board Member since 2012 | Development Officer, University of Adelaide, (supporting the Faculties of the Arts and the Professions) | Director of Development, Seymour College | Former Head of Customer Relations, National Australia Bank | Former Director, Wyndham Richardson Scholarship Fund, St Peters College

Current position:

Development Officer, University of Adelaide

Professional achievements:

  • The National Australia Bank's representative as the Banking Adviser to the Banking & Financial Services Ombudsman
  • Establishing the centralized complaints management team at NAB and rolling this functionality out across Australi
  • Deciding to move from the finance sector to the education sector after relocating back to Adelaide from Melbourne

Sporting achievements:

James describes himself as a "keen cyclist," and has plans to complete a 1200km ride in France in 2019. The long-distance cycling event is called the Paris-Brest-Paris, and cyclists must complete the event within 90 hours.

Other Boards and not-for-profit organisation involvement:

James is also the Director/Secretary at Wyndham Richardson Scholarship Fund and the Marketing & Promotions Coordinator at Audax SA.

Involvement in the NRF Board:

James describes the reasons he joined the NRF Board: "the experience of seeing my mother succumb to the neurological disease Alzheimers in 2008/09, passing away in 2011. This experience galvanised my desire to learn more about the disease and to raise funds in support of much needed research."

In addition, due to James's interest in cycling, he is also eager to raise awareness for one of the NRF's fundraising project's - SAPOL's Ride Like Crazy, "because it raises significant funds for research undertaken by the NRF and the Flinders Medical Centre Foundation."

Personal motivations:

James explains his motivations for his Board Member position at the NRF: "I was very fortunate enough to have known through my family both Trevor Dinning and Donald Simpson (founders of the NRF); and feel honoured to have such a special connection with the organisation."

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