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Dr Cindy Molloy

NRF Board Member since 2016 | Member, NRF Scientific Committee | WCH: Medical Director, Surgical Services, Senior Visiting Medical Officer, Executive Director Medical Services

Current position:

  • Medical Director, Surgical Services, Women’s and Children’s Hospital
  • Senior Visiting Medical Officer (Neurosurgery), Women’s and Children’s Hospital
  • Executive Director Medical Services, Women’s and Children’s Hospital
  • Private Practice operating at The Memorial Hospital
  • Neurosurgeon, The Australian Craniofacial Unit

Professional Achievements:

Presented ‘Review of the Management of Ventricular Shunt Induced Cranial Deformity: Is there a role for Cranial Vault Remodelling Surgery’ to the International Craniofacial Society at Oxford

Presented ‘What’s Happening with Metopic Synositis’ to the International Society of Paediatric Neurosurgery in Cape Town

Other Boards and not-for-profit organisation involvement:

Cindy is a Member of the Neurosurgical Society of Australasia, the Spine Society of Australia, the International Craniofacial Society, and the International Society of Paediatric Neurosurgeons. Cindy has previously been a Member of The Memorial Hospital Medical Review Committee, the Chairperson for The Memorial Hospital Theatre Committee, Board Member of the Adelaide Community Hospital Association (ACHA) and The Memorial Hospital.

Personal Reflection:

Why NeuroSurgical Research Foundation Board?

"South Australia is a small state and we need to have a cohesive partnership to be able to continue to "hit above our weight" as we have in the past with the leadership of the founders of neurosurgery in SA- Trevor Dinning and Donald Simpson. It is imperative that research and clinical work are aligned strategically and no time or resource squandered.

The neurosurgeons who were my teachers are obviously important. However it is the patients both past and present who keep me motivated. Their stories, their strengths in adversity and their generosity to allow me into their lives is humbling. That is what is important. "

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